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Government Contracting

By applying SPECOPS management skills, sound process analysis and project management best practices, Syncon can provide government services to harness the maximum potential of a small team to achieve large scale results while maintaining a lean and efficient structure.

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Special Projects

The Special Projects team focuses on unconventional and discrete client needs for varying security demands in numerous remote locations. Our  Special Projects team has designed and constructed facilities for a variety of U.S. Government agencies. The physical construction, access control, and alarming of these facilities meets the accreditation requirements of the  ICD 705, ICS 705.1, ICD 503, and conform to TEMPEST emanations specification CTTA.

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Commercial Contracting

In the fast-paced world of commercial construction, speed, quality and cost make all the difference. That’s why we join our intimate knowledge of the craft with the latest technology to create innovative, cost/benefit solutions for the most complex commercial construction challenges.

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Our Most Recent Projects

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Our Mission

Deliver the highest quality construction projects, on schedule, and by results-oriented, flexible and dedicated teams.  Develop collaborative environments that support and enhance our ability to provide value to our clients, vendors and industry partners.

Our VIsion

Deliver the highest quality construction projects, on schedule, and by results-oriented, flexible and dedicated teams.  Attract, train, develop and motivate highly skilled professionals in our quest to become a sought after, brand trust organization that is constantly focused on improvement and reliability

Our Values


Provide for the safety and health of our employees, our contractors, our customers, and the communities in which we operate


Promote the positive attitude and eagerness required to deliver successful projects to our clients


Treat our employees and our partners with professionalism, dignity and respect while fostering an environment of innovation and excellence


Conduct business through strong ethical standards, transparency and honesty


Operate as a cohesive, close-knit TEAM that provides a combined effect, greater than the sum of all its parts, where collaboration becomes the key to success


Maintain a consistent degree of excellence, conformance to requirements, and a constant pursuit of improvement that our employees and clients expect


From our clients

At Syncon, we feel that trust and mutual respect is the foundation for any successful project. With this in mind, Syncon has always maintained a distinguished reputation throughout the general contracting industry. These testimonials serve as a reminder to us why we continue to strive for nothing less than to provide the very best experience and quality to our valued clients. It is a privilege for us to highlight what some of those clients are saying about us.

This was NASA Wallops Flight Facility's first experience working with Syncon. We found Syncon to be very eager to accomplish work within the contractual guidelines and the negotiated budget. They did a good job getting up front submittals in (e.g. Safety Plan) and throughout the project their submittals were complete, acceptable and timely. They did a good job with on site supervision as the project site was always clean and work was always sequentially scheduled. This was evident as they completed the project earlier than the contractual date. NASA Contracting Specialist
Syncon, LLC has worked exceptionally well with FEAD Oceana Construction Management and the Activity to meet the Activities needs. This is a high priority project for Oceana’s Public Works Department. The project has run smoothly with no problems. All the coordination with PWD for the high voltage electrical outages has been scheduled. The outages will take place in January 2014. The quality of work is excellent and all safety precautions were observed and executed. The SYNCON on site team and Management staff have been straight up, professional and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to work with them again. NAVFAC Contracting Specialist
This was one of Syncon's first projects with PWD Portsmouth FEAD office. syncon thrived in a challenging environment, such as, a Naval Medical Center. Syncon provided a quality product, and they worked around the clock to meet client demands while adhering to an aggresive schedule. Syncon's management team was always available and eager to resolve any issues that may arise. the project provided a good start of their relationship with PWD Portsmouth FEAD. NAVFAC Contracting Specialist
The Contractor’s quality control was satisfactory / above average. Noted deficiencies / punch list items were corrected in a timely manner if not immediately. Daily reports were submitted promptly and were thorough. Contractor management was extremely cooperative and professional. Personnel were responsive to the needs of the facility. The contractor completed the the original contract work ahead of schedule. Labor standards were complied with with no violations and Syncon was safety conscience. The Contractor’s efforts resulted in a very successful project with a satisfied customer. USACE Construction Manager
CM: This was a very technical design / build project. SYNCON, LLC had a very good on site staff and quality sub-contractors. This was a high priority project the “End User” and FEAD Oceana. This project ran very smoothly. As with any interior renovation there were many unforeseen conditions that were discovered. SYNCON managed and worked around these conditions, with the FEAD Oceana Construction Manager and the Activity, to stay on schedule. The quality of work was excellent and all safety precautions were observed and executed. I would highly recommend SYNCON, LLC for future work. CO: This project was in support of  government agency that required strict adherence to protocols safeguarding design documentation. This Contractor was very diligent in responding to any and all concerns such that this Other Government Agency has contacted them to work on additional projects of equal or greater sensitivity. NAVFAC Construction Manager & Contracting Officer
This project involved numerous disciplines requiring extensive subcontractor management. In addition, there were unforeseen site conditions that were handled with minimum impact to timeline and completion. The contractor was good to work with and we would like to work with them in the future. DHS / FEMA Construction Manager
SYNCON was very successful with satisfying the customer by providing great leadership, both in the field and the office. The work they performed was done with quality, accuracy and well ahead f the contract completion date. Syncon was very great to work with and I highly recommend them NAVFAC Contracting Specialist
This was a design / build project with no extra money at all. SYNCON, LLC has worked exceptionally well with FEAD Oceana Construction Management and the Activity to meet the Activities needs. During the design phase there were many scope changes to meet the Activities mission and stay within the monetary constraints. There have been many challenging unforeseen conditions during the course of construction of this project. SYNCON worked with the FEAD Team to modify the scope and stay within the contract amount. The quality of work is excellent and all safety precautions were observed and executed. NAVFAC Contracting Specialist
This renovation/alteration project is a firm fixed price design-build contract that became extremely challenging due to several factors. The project is located in a leased building in a somewhat remote location on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. It initially began as four (4) smaller projects that were then melded into one scope of work. In addition, the client agency’s technical requirements had changed over the course of the proposal/review period that required the contractor to revise his proposal several times. Further complicating the project was the governmental shutdown in October 2013 and the building going into foreclosure and eventual sale. SYNCON, LLC was extremely pro-active in staying engaged throughout the extremely lengthy pre-award process. Mr. Lilly worked in concert with the Government at every turn and remained flexible throughout this challenging project. His commitment to completing the project on time and to the Government’s and the client’s satisfaction was evident throughout the entire process. I would contract with SYNCON, LLC again in the future and would recommend their services for similar work. GSA Contracting Specialist
SYNCON provided outstanding management and customer service to the VA Medical Center on this project. They continually met with the VA in repeated attempts to complete the this project and meet the VA’s fluid requirements. Syncon proved adept and working with the design team and subcontractor to ensure a mutually agreeable solution could be achieved. Syncon is extremely responsive and professional firm committed to serviing our Nation’s Veterans.   I give SYNCON my strongest recommendation for future government work. Veterans Affairs (VA) Contracting Specialist